Our vision and our guiding principles

Wittker + Wittmann is an owner-managed recruitment consultancy that has been in existence for over 13 years. Over this time, a corporate culture has emerged that determines our thinking and actions to this day.

Our Employees

The employees are the core of our company. Therefore, the relationships between the employees and the owner family are particularly close and trusting. Her wealth of ideas, her personal commitment and her skills are the cornerstones of our success. Many of our employees have been with us for many years – their skills, experience and loyalty are invaluable.

Our employees make the difference and are the decisive competitive advantage. Individuality is an integral part of our corporate culture and explicitly desired – we also understand that this means leaving the greatest possible scope for independent work and action.

Our Customers

Our customers are the center of our thoughts and actions. Our claim to always do something more than our customers expect drives us. If we make binding commitments, they will be fulfilled. We do not philosophize in theory but practically implement it. We are an innovative, competent, credible, predictable, flexible and preferred partner for you.

Our Ecoomics Success

To ensure our independence as an owner-manged company, long-term economic success is the prerequisite. We need this success for our continuous investment and for healthy growth. In addition we lead a tight cost management.

Our quality claim

Everything we think and do is based on the principle of the highest quality. We set this high standard, which has been practiced for years and is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, to ourselves – as well as to suppliers and service companies alike.

Our corporate responsibility

Wittker + Wittmann sees itself as a down-to-earth, owner-managed company with high social responsibility for its employees. That’s why job security is paramount in our business decisions. We think in long-term periods, our strategic orientation is deliberately conservative. In order not to endanger our organic, healthy growth, we refrain from acting too riskily.

Our dealings with each other / Internal Communication

Our dealings with each other are characterized by mutual recognition, appreciation, openness and tolerance. In particular, employees who have management responsibility are aware of their role model function and actively accept their responsibility.

We have flat hierarchies and cultivate an open, cooperative and constructive cooperation across all levels. We consistently adhere to the internal communication channels. We express criticism openly, constructively and never hurt or discriminating.

We work with clearly formulated goals that are binding for everyone involved. The executive develops and agrees with the employee goals. The verification of the achievement of objectives is carried out jointly.

Within the framework of the agreed goals, we make the decisions relevant to our tasks ourselves. Responsibility is taken for the decisions taken.

The company cares about the needs of every single employee. In return, we expect above-average performance and unrestricted loyalty.