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Alexander Wittker, Marc Wittmann
HRB 45282 Amtsgericht Mainz
Seat of the company: Mainz
UST-ID No. DE 301528973
Responsible for content acc. §10 Abs. 3 MDS + V: Alexander Wittker & Marc Wittmann

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Public list of procedures according to § 4 e Data Protection Act


Name or company of the responsible body:

Job Impulse GmbH


Owners, directors, managing directors or other statutory or constitutionally appointed managers and persons responsible for the management of data processing:

Managing Director: Alexander Wittker


Address of the responsible office:

To Laubenheimer Hohe 19, 55129 Mainz


Purpose of the data collection, processing or use:

Object of the company: commercial temporary employment, recruitment , peronal counseling, strategy consulting, coaching Data collection, processing and use is for the purpose of the business purpose.


Description of the groups of persons concerned and the data or categories of data involved:

Personal data collected, processed and used for the purposes of the purpose set out in point 4 are collected, processed and used for the following groups of persons :

  • Market Overview
  • Employee / employee data
  • customer data

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data can be communicated:

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data can be communicated:

  • Public bodies that receive data due to regulatory requirements
  • Internal bodies involved in the execution and fulfillment of the respective business processes
  • External bodies to the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in point 4

Rule deadlines for the deletion of data:

After expiry of the respective statutory retention periods, the corresponding data are routinely deleted, if they are no longer required for the fulfillment of the contract. Data that are not affected by statutory retention requirements will be deleted as soon as the purposes stated under point 4 have been fulfilled.


Planned transmission to third countries:

No transmission of data to third countries is planned.