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Are you looking for qualified engineers and technicians in the field of temporary employment? Do you value sound industry knowledge and several years of professional experience? Wittker + Wittmann has its own “Engineering” division and therefore has the right employees for you. Wittker + Wittmann Engineering coordinates, implements and supervises tailor-made engineering services for you. Whether engineers, physicists, chemists, technicians or computer scientists: We provide qualified specialists with professional experience in all areas. Give us your needs – we’ll take care of the rest.

In Particular, Use Our Services

Successful procurement of highly qualified specialists needs professional recruiting. With our 360 degree selection process, you receive the perfect service: together with you, we develop the qualification profile. From this we create a precise job description that not only takes into account the technical skills but also the soft skills so that the personality of the specialist fits into your project. Our experts identify national and international candidates that are suitable for you. In our unified and objective selection process, we get a deep impression of the qualifications and their suitability. On the basis of a written profile created by us, which also includes the evaluation of the references.

We take responsibility

Wittker + Wittmann Engineering is responsible for the entire process. This remains from the acceptance of the qualification profile including advice on the candidate search to on-boarding in our hands. But we also assume responsibility beyond that: Wittker + Wittmann Engineering The staff looks after the entire duration of the project intensively. In order for the candidate to meet your high requirements, we take care of the necessary training and trainings. We ensure your satisfaction by consulting with you to see if the candidate really meets your high standards. If he does not do that, we’ll make a replacement and get them a new candidate in no time. We commit ourselves to this.

Services beyond the borders

Wittker + Wittmann Engineering is characterized by individual customer care. We are there for you not only at your local location, but also at the other locations nationally and internationally. For international recruiting, we have qualified experts who know the respective country, its environment and potential candidates.

Our philosophy is to grow with the customer. We expand together with you and together create professional and efficient recruiting structures – for your specialists – where you need them. As a global HR service provider with decades of experience, we have a nationwide network and locations in Germany and abroad. So we are able to offer you a fast and reliable service.

Engineering Services - Efficient And Objective

  • Highly qualified specialists: Engineers and Technicians
  • Professional national and international service
  • High standards and quality
  • Comprehensive advice in the field of temporary employment for our customers and candidates


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